Written by you, not your boss.

The Disrupt is a blog for those working in the background of Scotland’s creative industries; mostly digital, media and marketing. This isn’t somewhere for tech entrepreneurs to self promote or pretentious creative directors to wax lyrical about “brand storytelling” – this is where average people, regardless of their position, gender, PR budget, clients or turnover are given the opportunity to share their views on how to make our workplaces more inclusive, less exploitative and better for everybody.

There’s very little transparency when it comes to public money being invested in digital, mass redundancies and stagnating wages are becoming increasingly common and a lack of opportunity for women and minorities has necessitated the rise of special interest groups to help create and facilitate new ways for them to start their careers or gain recognition. We believe acknowledgment and critical analysis of these problems (and more) are important methods for affecting change – just as “disruption” is a word with negative connotations apparently turned positive by tech innovation, we want to turn some bad into good.

We’re not looking for listicles, we don’t need your article to go viral and we don’t want you to report the news. We want an opinion about something you care about based on your experiences expressed in your tone of voice – any added catharsis or humour also definitely doesn’t hurt.

Got something you’d like to share? Email share@the-disrupt.com or use the form below. If you’re pitching an article and worried about what your bosses might think, we’re happy to publish under pseudonyms. If we like your pitch, we’ll pay you to write it.