Published October 29th, 2015
by Steven Clark

In today’s digital cityscapes, brands must find the best platforms to tell the stories and deliver the experiences that their customers deserve. But which platforms do they, how when? We know wearable tech is the next big digital frontier but what about smart fridges? The internet of things is an exciting new avenue of experience, with people connected in some way or another to your brand at all levels. Imagine that! Pure synergy.

Throw your KPIs away – people want evergreen content that’s tangible. They want experiences that reach them personally but also work globally and appeal to all audiences. A proactive approach to content may not sound like the easiest but there’s never been a better time to experiment. Throw the rule book away and try new things in new ways on new platforms. Better yet, play safe.

Back to wearables, imagine a world in which ads are served by surroundings, in which context and location deliver unique experiences directly into the bodily orifices of consumers. That could be your brand. So why hasn’t it? What about virtual reality? Could consumers realistically fondle a brand in a virtual environment? They can and they do so make sure it’s yours.

Now imagine that your brand sits on the chair in front of you on the train. What would it do? How would it smell? Is it sitting on it’s phone idly playing Angry Birds or trying to conceal its farts by coughing? What do the other passengers think of your brand? What’s that puddle underneath the seat?

Telling stories isn’t easy. Or maybe it is. It depends on you and your staff. Are all of your staff members brand ambassadors? Better yet, are they brand heroes? Do they give out business cards, mention you in their Twitter bios, have tattoos of your logo in unsavoury places? Your brand is your business is your staff so this should be your first step.

What does success look like in the world of digital brand story-doing social engagement? That’s the question you must ask as you embark on your journey. Is success blue? Or is it green? These are important questions.

Alternatively if it’s self promotion you’re after you can just write articles that say nothing filled with buzzwords and nonsense and pay a magazine to publish them. The Drum, I await your call.

Note: This post originally appeared on the Habanero Digital blog meaning certain parts are probably weirdly self referential or talk about ongoing feuds that probably exist almost exclusively in the mind of the author.

Digital Innovation

by Steven Clark

Steven is a designer/developer and wannabe intellectual with an obsessive personality and too much spare time. Don’t follow him on Twitter.

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